Retrospective Laya Ergonomic Office Chair with Indian Handmade Fabric

GTCHAIR (GT CHAIR) designers have many adjustments on the color of products and whole collocation. In order to seek the ancient story, return to nature, we have the aluminum alloy part be disposed by granite series -lamprophyre texture on purpose. Classical retrospective combine with the modern technology, make our products surpass the modern styles, take you into the ancient nationality’s retrospective feelings. This is how we design the LAYA chair (LAYA chairs).

Retrospective is the habit of us, we advocate the ancient braw sight, come on! Let GTCHAIR (GT CHAIR) eternal design take you into the retrospective landscape.


Retro Style

Unique Pattern on Each India Hand-made Fabric Cover

Lamprophyre Aluminum Alloy

Paddle Shift Wire Control Armrest System

Classic Wine Glass Backrest Frame


Backrest Tilt

Backrest Tilt Tension

Backrest Angle

Lumbar Support Height

Seat Height

Seat Depth

Armrest Height

Armrest Angle


Black PA Engineering Plastic

Lamprophyre Aluminum Alloy

Korean Wintex Mesh with India Hand-made Fabric Cover

Foam Lumbar Support

Paddle Shift Wire Control Armrest

Black PA Plastic Arm Frame, PU Cover

Double Spring Wire Control Mechanism

Korea Samhongsa Class IV Gas Lift

350mm Lamprophyre Aluminum Alloy Base

65mm PU Casters


By GTCHAIR (GT CHAIR) | High End Ergomic Office Chair Manufacturer


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