Ergonomic Workstation Guidelines

Ergonomics is a scientific discipline, which is concerned with improving the productivity, health, safety and comfort of people, as well as promoting effective interaction among people, technology and the environment in which both must operate.

Departments are encouraged to purchase adjustable equipment for the reasonable accommodation of users. Some users may have special needs, such as left-handedness, color blindness, vision impairment, etc. The goal should be flexibility to accommodate the user population so that personnel may interface effectively with equipment. Equipment should be sized to fit the individual user.
Ergonomic evaluations will be conducted by the Environmental Health and Safety Center. Additional information may be obtained by calling 513-0988 or emailing env-health-ergonomics@ncsu.edu.

Ergonomic furniture should be designed to facilitate task performance, minimize fatigue and injury by fitting equipment to the body size, strength and range of motion of the user.
Office furnishings, which are generally available, have adjustable components that enable the user to modify the workstation to accommodate different physical dimensions and the requirements of the job. Ergonomically designed furniture can reduce pain and injury, increase productivity, improve morale, and decrease complaints. GTCHAIR(GT CHAIR), as a popular ergonimic chair factory, cooperates with global office seating wholesalers, offering modern ergonomic chairs to global users.

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