INDEX Dubai Exhibition Interview with GTCHAIR

INDEX speaks with Chonqging Gaotian Industrial and Trade Co Ltd (GTCHAIR).

GTCHAIR manufactures and sells high end ergonomic chairs ever since they established in 1992.

As a high quality ergonomic chair manufacturer, GTCHAIR grew rapidly in recent years, its ergonomic chairs and office chairs have been highly praised by foreign and domestic experts, and gained plenty of national patents and awards, such as Best Craftsmanship, Function Innovation Award, Best Chair Award etc.

1. Tell us about the products you are bringing to INDEX?
We will bring our main products that is ergonomic chairs.
Nowadays in the workplace, people take more care of how they feel at work and many companies like to offer a comfortable working environment for their team. So a good ergonomic chair becomes the necessity. GTCHAIR ergonomic chairs are stylishly designed and are easily adjustable to meet different users’ needs. Our chairs has an outstanding feature - the Paddle Shift Control System; the chair’s most frequently used functions “seat height” & “backrest tiling adjustment” are easy to control via the chair armrests which is really ergonomic design that bring comfort to users, while for normal chairs in the market, users have to bend their waist to adjust the two basic functions.

2. Who is it exactly that you want to meet at the show?
We plan to meet with our distributors in Middle East to talk about co-operation, and how to expand their reach in the current market.

There are also lots of new and potential clients whom we hope to meet at the show. Some of our prospects know that we are exhibiting and are glad to hear that GTCHAIR will be present at INDEX this September; this is a good chance for them to see the GTCHAIR products in action and help them make a decision.

3. Why have you chosen to exhibit in the UAE?
UAE is a great country with strong economy, we see huge chances here. It is a prime location place and has the biggest free trade port in Middle East - Jebel Ali, where we can ship our chairs to the clients in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, Jordan and other countries.

This country is an important international tie connecting us to our Middle East clients.
We can see that the region is modern, open minded and are flexible in trade opportunities with exhibitors like us.

4. What are you most looking forward to about the show?
This edition at INDEX offers promise and chance to Chinese exhibitors and though we already have some distributors in the Middle East region including UAE, there is still a lot of potential for us to tap into and build brand awareness to new faces. We are sure that INDEX can help us meet with new clients and it will be a good platform for us to introduce GTCHAIR ergonomic chairs internationally.

Above news are from INDEX EXHIBITION:

Welcome to visit GTCHAIR stand at Sheikh Saeed 2 SS2E111