GTCHAIR Project Case Picture Video Collection Notification

GTCHAIR Project Case

Photo & Video Collection Notification


Dear Customers,

In order to promote the GTCHAIR Brand with better marketing effect, enhancing distributors’ sales experience and confidence with GTCHAIR products. Hereby, we sincerely ask collection for GTCHAIR products’ project case including photos, video materials from domestic and oversea.



1. 50 pcs GTCHAIR products at least should be used in each project case.

2. 30 pcs GTCHAIR products should be displayed at the same time in the panoramic image (special projects can be discussed separately).

3. Follow GTCHAIR project video shooting requirements.

4. The project information, including project’s name, city, starting & completing date, customer comments and feedback should be submitted together.


Requirements of Photos and Videos shooting:

Photos: Camera with 20 million pixels or above professional camera. (e.g.: Canon 5D Mark III or above)

The chair products should be placed clean and tidy in orderly, main parts are distinct and light in good clarity.

Camera positions requirement: horizontal photographs in 9 different angles or views

(3 panoramic main scenes, 6 scenes for office chairs and environment).

1. Panoramic scene in high position

2. Frontal view scene

3. Two sides view scenes (left side, right side)

4. Two overlooking scenes (frontal overlook, back overlook)

5. Back view scene

6. Scene for GTCHAIR products together with project company LOGO

7. Close-up shot for office chairs matching with module desks and blocks


Short Video Recording Requirement: 4K

Video Image Aspect Ratio: 16:9

The GTCHAIR office chairs should be placed clean and tidy in orderly. When necessary, continuous Light Kit should be used during the shooting. The video shooting time needs to be one minute and above (the main pictures with products need within 30 seconds for a one minute video. Video image aspect ratio: 16:9).

10 - 20 seconds: shooting the whole office space environment.

20 - 30 seconds: scene of office chairs in the whole office space (frontal side, 45 degrees front to the left side, 45 degrees front to the right side, back side, 45 degrees back to the left side, 45 degrees back to the right side).

10 seconds: close-up shot for office chairs matching with module desks and blocks.


Awards for Project Case Collection (RMB):

One 1st Prize: RMB30,000 ≈US$4347.00

One 2nd Prize: RMB20,000 ≈US$2900.00

One 3rd Prize: RMB10,000 ≈US$1500.00

Participation Award: RMB1,000 ≈US$145.00 (one time per project)

Note: The first prize & the second prize should have lively effect pictures and video (please check related requirements for details).


Project Case Collection Submission Time: 13th October 2018 - 18th March 2019

Project Case Collection Awards Announcement: 18th March 2019 (Award prizes will be hold during the Guangzhou CIFF fair in March 2019)

Submission To: marketing@gtchair.com  (Title: Project Case Name + Company Name. The large file can be sent via online storage website such as Dropbox ect.)

Kindly contact the relevant sales before shooting.



Chongqing Gaotian Industrial and Trade Co.,ltd | GTCHAIR

Marketing Team

Oct.13th, 2018