2019 New Product Dynamic Support inFlex Chair

Inheriting GTCHAIR classic style and carrying out innovative structural design, the latest masterpiece of GTCHAIR, inFlex series has a simple, magnificent and stylish appearance design, which are quite steady and add a touch of elegance to your work space.

inFlex series innovatively developed the comfortable and flexible Dynamic Self-Adapting System(DSA System) while maintaining an elegant design. This system provides 24 degree of left & right rotation angle and 10 degree of forward & backward rotation angle through the smart rotating elastic connection.
Under this design, the DSA system can automatically adjust according to the sitting posture of different users at any time, providing comfortable dynamic support. Without any adjustment or operation, it help you always keep at the most comfortable sitting position, also add more flexibility and ease experience.

inFlex, a comfortable partner that inspire your work & life.

DSA (Dynamic Self-Adapting) System
Paddle Shift Control 5D Armrests Adjustment
(Optional: Paddle Shift Control 3D/4D Armrests)

Seat Height (Right Armrest)
Backrest Tilt (Left Armrest)
Backrest Tilt Tension
Backrest Height
Lumbar Support Height
Seat Sliding
Armrest Height
Armrest Angle
Armrest Forward & Backward
Armrest Width

Black PA Engineering Plastic
Polished Aluminum Alloy
Korea Wintex Mesh LP Series
Foam Lumbar Support
Paddle Shift Wire Control Armrest
Double Spring Wire Control Mechanism
Korea Samhongsa Class IV Gas Lift
350mm Polished Aluminum Base
65mm PU Casters


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