GTCHAIR is coming to the "No. 1 Screen in Asia ", and the domineering mode is on!


In August 2020, as the leading brand of ergonomic chair with Paddle Shift Wire Control in China, GTCHAIR made a strong debut on Chongqing's "City Cover", dominating the screen as "No. 1 Screen in Asia". Such a hardcore way of acting, such a powerful visual impact! Visible high-end temperament, visible brand strength!

GTCHAIR was founded in 1992. It develops and produces Ergonomic Chair with exquisite design and extraordinary craftsmanship to create the most comfortable office, study and rest environment for users.


For more than 30 years, we have been unswerving in the beginning and forge ahead. To create world-class products is the principle we have always adhered to. GTCHAIR has passed the safety and environmental protection certifications of 13 products in Europe, North America and other international standards, has sales partners in more than 80 countries and regions around the world, and serves millions of users with the spirit of GTCHAIR's faith" GTCHAIR, THE SPIRIT OF ARTISAN".

The " No. 1 Giant Screen in Asia" LED, known as the "Light of Asia", is located in the center of Guanyinqiao Business District, one of the most influential business districts in the main city of Chongqing. It has a height of 125 meters and an area of 3788 square meters. With the largest pixel pitch in Asia, the visual impact is unparalleled. It is a veritable "city cover" in Chongqing, with great influence and vane significance.



GTCHAIR's strong dominance, " No. 1 Screen in Asia", is a symbol of high-end temperament and a symbol of brand strength. To create the most comfortable office, study and rest environment for you, and to create world-class products is the principle that GTCHAIR has always adhered to.