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Assembly & Operation Instruction Video
INFLEX X Ergonomic Chair Operation Video
INFLEX X Ergonomic Chair Assembly Video
HM2-15 Orange
Seat Only
HM2-14 Light Green
Seat Only
HM2-11 Grey
Seat Only
HM-34 Dark Grey
Seat Only
HM-17 Red
Seat Only
HM-38 Black
Seat Only
ST-01 Black
Backrest Only
GT-27 Black
Available for Seat &Backrest
Product Features
A comfortable partner that inspire your work & life
DAS ( Dynamic Self-Adapting System)
Excellent paddle shift control armrest
Function Introduction
Headrest Adjustment   
Backrest Tilt Adjustment   
Lumbar Support Adjustment   
Armrest Adjustment   
Seat Adjustment   
Headrest Adjustment Headrest height adjustment: 5cm 5 levels adjustment; headrest angle adjustment: 36° rotation adjustment; headrest surface rotation adjustment: headrest surface 45° rotation adjustment Backrest Tilt Adjustment The backrest slider is made by ADC12# polished aluminum alloy, which can be adjusted in 4 different levels, and it can fit and help relax for different height of users.The backrest tilt angle can be adjusted and locked within 33° in 15 different positions by the paddle shift on the arm. Lumbar Support Adjustment Upholstery lumbar support with 5cm height adjustment offers a better support for your lumbar 5D Paddle Control Arms Arm height adjustment; Arm width Adjustment; Arm sliding Adjustment; Arm angle adjustment; Paddle control arms Seat Adjustment Seat Depth Adjustment: Press the button and slid the seat can adjust the seat depth. Seat Height Adjustment: The seat height can be adjusted by the paddle on the armrest.