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Assembly & Operation Instruction Video
MARRIT X Ergonomic Chair Operation Video
MARRIT X Ergonomic Chair Assembly Video
HM2-15 Orange
Seat Only
HM2-14 Light Green
Seat Only
HM2-11 Grey
Seat Only
HM-34 Dark Grey
Seat Only
HM-17 Red
Seat Only
HM-38 Black
Seat Only
ST-01 Black
Backrest Only
GT-27 Black
Available for Seat &Backrest
Product Features
Excellent paddle shift control armrest
The independent backrest angle adjustment
Stylish and elegant shape of the wineglass
Function Introduction
Seat Adjustment   
Armrest Adjustment   
Lumbar Support Adjustment   
Backrest Tilt Adjustment   
Headrest Adjustment   
Seat Adjustment Seat Depth Adjustment: Press the button and slid the seat can adjust the seat depth. Seat Height Adjustment: The seat height can be adjusted by the paddle on the armrest. 5D Paddle Control Arms Arm height adjustment; Arm width Adjustment; Arm sliding Adjustment; Arm angle adjustment; Paddle control arms Lumbar Support Adjustment Upholstery lumbar support with 5cm height adjustment offers a better support for your lumbar Backrest Tilt Adjustment Backrest tilt adjustment: the backrest tilt angle can be adjusted and locked within 33° in 15 different positions by the paddle shift on the arm. Headrest Adjustment Headrest height adjustment: 5cm 5 levels adjustment; headrest angle adjustment: 36° rotation adjustment; headrest surface rotation adjustment: headrest surface 45° rotation adjustment