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On March 28, 2021, the 47th China National Expo (Guangzhou) Office Environment Exhibition will be grandly opened in Guangzhou Pazhou Canton Fair Complex. GTCHAIR, as the leading brand of ergonomic chairs with paddles in China, brought its various ergonomic chairs, gaming chairs and new product series to the Guangzhou International Home Fair.


New product debut|S10.3B08



————Use the power of design, Enjoy the design

The design of NEOSEAT relieves the constraints of the "cumbersome" mechanism structure and incorporates the family design of GTCHAIR's armrest paddle control, allowing users to conveniently and comfortably adjust the various functions of the seat anytime and anywhere. The minimalist design fits the most fashionable aesthetic concept of the moment, and expresses a simple lifestyle attitude.




——The Giant Roc, the Elite life



Extraordinary scientific and technological strength, strong beauty, cool appearance and ergonomic comfort function are perfectly integrated. The giant ROC is aiming at the sky, creating a classic of the future.




S10.3B08|GTCHAIR Pavilion Site

The yearning for the future has always been the pursuit of mankind.


This year, GTCHAIR adopted the moon-element exhibition hall design, and the unique dual-element design of ROC-CHAIR, incorporating the dual artistic conception of cool racing sports cars and rockets which are ready to set off. The launch of the rocket bears humanity's exploration and infinite imagination of space, and implies the beautiful hope of rising and soaring into the sky.


ROC's unique craftsmanship and brand-new styling innovation are like the exploration of outer space, full of unknowns and challenges. ROC-CHAIR, which incorporates the rocket concept, will surely inject a powerful force into the exploration of the new generation of ergonomic chairs.

Like the previous home fairs, this year's GTCHAIR Pavilion is still full of popularity, and various wonderful moments are staged in turn...


NEOSEAT|New product highlights


The Inspiration of Art

Rotating, jumping, agile posture, charming eyes... In beautiful music and graceful dance. we see the GTCHAIR's new product-NEOSEAT. Designed with sophisticated technology, showing minimalism lines, graceful appearance, this is the charm of NEOSEAT. The process of knowing NEOSEAT chair just like enjoying a dance, a dancing girl is showing us the charm of dance with softness and regidity.


Minimal life

The design of NEOSEAT is based on the minimal life of modern society. Through developing special high-elastic molecular materials, simulating the key data of human sitting posture, GTCHAIR uses the characteristics of deformation of the high-elastic molecular materials to satisfy users in a simplest way. Innovative without the mechanism design, integrated it with the family design of GTCHAIR Paddle Shift Control Armrest, NEOSEAT can help users conveniently adjust the chair functions easily in comfortable sitting position. The minimalist design fits the most fashionable aesthetic concept of the moment, and expresses a simple lifestyle attitude.

Warm hug

When you sit on the NEOSEAT, you will find it's difficult to leave it. The special surface materials, body comfort design and smooth control feel, just like the safest and gentlest embrace from friends and families, warm and comfortable. Pure aesthetic enjoyment, excellent engineering design, and ultimate comfortable experience will bring you exclusive seat fun.

Excellent Technology

The simpler the design, the more powerful and complex technology will be needed, this is the minimalist art. Through a large quantity of user-related data collected, plenty times of mechanical analysis and material experiments, GTCHIR finally developed a special technology of this highly elastic molecular material--ARS (Auto Regulation System). It replaces the traditional metal mechanism, gets rid of the shackles of tedious operation and complex production process, and greatly reduces the weight of the product. The tilt angle reaches 18° with 4 tilt lock positions. This is the "secret" behind NEOSEAT's minimalism.



ROC|New product highlights



As an elite work, ROC-CHAIR inherits the strong technological strength of GTCHAIR's design-the original 5D Paddle Shift Control Armrest. The seat depth adopts smooth button-type operation, offering great using experience. The headrest making of Italian calfskin offers a soft and comfortable experience. The unique design, advanced production technology, and detailed polished craftsmanship, all together these create a master-class works.


The ROC CHAIR is inspired by a sports car with powerful outline and smooth appearance. The color contrast is full of science fiction, together with the perfect size ratio and the meticulously carved details. Just like sports car galloping on the field, ROC-CHAIR is showing the beauty of speed and power.


The unique dual-element design of ROC-CHAIR incorporates the dual artistic conception of racing sports cars and rockets. The launch of the rocket brings humanity's exploration, infinite imagination of the space and also the beautiful hope. The unique combination of craftsmanship and innovation, like the exploration of the universe, are full of unknowns and challenges. ROC-CHAIR, which is integrated the rocket concept, is born with the spirit of exploration the future of ergonomic chairs.


The passion red, the technology silver and calm black, the collision and integration of these three, presents visual feast. The enthusiasm and unrestrained tone fits the modern aesthetics, passion and vitality. The ROC-CHAIR is full of energy, symbolizing the spirit of break the shackles of tradition, and pursuing the outstanding success.


The technology is forging the classic of the times. No matter a sports car or a rocket, it is a symbol of speed and technology. ROC-CHAIR carries the dual-element design concept of a sports car and a rocket, also combines high technology and stunning appearance, and infuses the firm belief of the industry elites. The giant ROC bird is waving its wings, full of ambition, flying into the sky.



GTCHAIR develops and produces ergonomic chair with exquisite design and extraordinary technology to create the most comfortable office, study and rest environment for users. Providing comfortable and safe products and creating a healthy living environment are the beliefs of every GTCHAIR person. Constantly change, bring forth the new through the old and make a better life for you.


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