Award! GTChair won the "2021 National Commercial Technology Innovation Enterprise"

  On May 28th, 2022, the 2022 National Commercial Science and Technology Quality Conference was held in Beijing. The conference was sponsored by China Business Federation. Zhang Zhigang, the former vice minister of commerce and former president of China Business Federation, Jiang Zengwei, the former vice minister of commerce and vice chairman of China International Economic Exchange Center, Sun Fuquan, the vice president of China Academy of Science and Technology Development Strategy, were invited to attend the conference. More than 8,000 people from provincial and municipal business associations, responsible persons in charge of commercial science and technology quality work, science and technology quality workers in commercial service enterprises, scientific research units and universities attended the meeting online and offline.

  At the same time, the conference released the 2020 and 2021 China Business Federation Science and Technology Awards, and the 12th and 13th China Business Federation Service Industry Science and Technology Innovation Awards. Chongqing Gaotian Industry & Trade Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to GTChair) won the 2021 national commercial science and technology innovation enterprise.

  The National Commercial Science and Technology Innovation Enterprise Award of China Chamber of Commerce aims to encourage private enterprises to innovate independently, accelerate the transformation of development mode and industrial optimization and upgrading, and commend and reward private enterprises that have made outstanding contributions in technological innovation and promoting scientific and technological progress.

  GTChair has been developed for 30 years since its establishment in 1992. It is a scientific and technological enterprise that independently develops, innovates and intelligently manufactures ergonomic chairs. During this period, it has gone through the process of transformation and upgrading from traditional office chairs to modern ergonomic chairs.

  In 2007, Tan Ganrong, the chairman of GTChair, after a period of observation and thinking about the market environment at home and abroad, decided to transform and develop ergonomic chairs, repeatedly polishing design drawings from the aspects of appearance, structure, function, stress analysis, etc., and constantly changing the model for trial installation. After 26 months, he independently developed the first ergonomic chair belonging to GTChair successfully, and iteratively upgraded it in the follow-up to refresh the seating experience of many sedentary people.

  In 2015, GTChair began to develop the intelligent production line of ergonomic chairs. The design team and the technical experts of the automobile production line discussed together. After more than 2 years of research and development experiments, it successfully developed and put into production the world's first "numerical control assembly and testing integrated ergonomics Chair production line", using the technology and concept of manufacturing automobiles to produce ergonomic chairs, realizing the upgrading of ergonomic chair production to intelligence and technology, and further ensuring the stability of product quality while shortening the production cycle. Production provides intelligent solutions.

  GTChair Won The 2020 High-tech Enterprise

  Over the past 30 years, GTChair has been focusing on the research and development of single products, constantly innovating and upgrading, independently developing Sync-Sliding Structure, Angle Automatic Adapt System, BAS intelligent support system, A'PAS Automatic Sitting Posture Adapting System, double-spring horizontal wire-controlled chassis and other research and development achievements, and won two national invention patents, several utility model patents and several design patents.

  In terms of market coverage, GTChair has exclusive brand agents and sales partners in 80 countries around the world by virtue of intelligent manufacturing and technological innovation. It’s cooperating with many Fortune 500 companies and global large-scale projects, providing high-quality seating services for nearly 2 million sedentary people around the world.

  In the future, GTChair will take this award as a new starting point, continue to carry out single product research and development, continuously improve and explore new functions and designs, promote the integration and innovation of technology and ergonomic chairs, and enable new technologies to empower the high-quality development of ergonomic chair industry.