The activity of "Thirty Years of Chongqing Home Furnishing" ended successfully, GTChair won the awards of "Dream Builder" and "Light Chaser"

  On the afternoon of June 2, 2022, under the guidance of the Municipal Economic and Information Committee and the Municipal Commercial Committee, the award ceremony of the large-scale theme activity "Thirty Years of Chongqing Home Furnishing" jointly sponsored by Chongqing Furniture Industry Association, Chongqing Custom Home Furnishing Association, Chongqing Architectural Decoration Association, Chongqing Home Furnishing Industry Chamber of Commerce and Chongqing Household Appliance Service Enterprise Federation was held in Yuzhou Hotel.

  Members from Chongqing furniture, custom home furnishing, architectural decoration, paint coating, flooring, tiles, HVAC and plumbing, decoration companies, home stores and other industry associations with outstanding business representatives and media people gathered together to witness the closing feast of the series of activities of "Thirty Years of Chongqing Home Furnishing".

  The award ceremony awarded five awards: Co-builder, Dream Builder, Light Chaser, Communicator, Educator.

  Ganrong Tan ,the Founder and CEO of GTChair, won the honor of "Dream Builder"

  Jiahua Li , The Director of GTChair Operations, won the honor of "Light Chaser"

  "Thirty Years of Chongqing Home Furnishing" looks back on the history, based on the present, constantly moving forward, and looking forward to the future, through interviews with Chongqing stores, custom home furnishing, decoration industry, paint industry, furniture industry, building materials, bathroom HVAC, software industry and other sub-industry leaders enterprises, and form them into the video and text materials, laying a solid foundation for the future development of Chongqing's home furnishing industry.

  Chongqing Gaotian Industry and Trade Co., Ltd. (GTChair) was established in 1992. Over the past 30 years, GTChair has focused on the research and development of single products, continuously innovated and upgraded, and independently developed a Sync-Sliding Structure, Angle Automatic Adapt System, BAS intelligent support system, and A'PAS Automatic Sitting Posture Adapting System, double-spring horizontal wire-controlled mechanism, and many other research and development achievements.

  Aerial view of GT Chair's new intelligent manufacturing center

  GTChair has been continuously researching, creating and innovating. Through years of vigorous research and development, it has successively obtained 2 national invention patents, 12 utility model patents and dozens of other patents, and won many top awards in the industry. It has a number of independent research and development achievements such as Sync-Sliding Structure, Angle Automatic Adapt System, BAS intelligent support system, A'PAS Automatic Sitting Posture Adapting System, double-spring horizontal wire-controlled mechanism and so on.

  In terms of market coverage, GTChair has exclusive brand agents and sales partners in 80 countries around the world by virtue of intelligent manufacturing and technological innovation. It’s cooperating with many Fortune 500 companies and global large-scale projects, providing high-quality seating services for nearly 2 million sedentary people around the world.

  In the future, GTChair will keep moving to improve and explore new functions and designs, continue to research and develop single products, promote the integration and innovation of technology and ergonomic chairs, and enable new technologies to empower the high-quality development of ergonomic chair industry.