GTChair × Bestie Day Season 3|On August 25, Going On a Trip Around the Riverbank with the Goddess Miriam Yeung

Last week, Jiangsu Satellite TV’s reality show Bestie Day Season 3 (High Summer version), which records celebrities’ life from “her” perspective, finally started with much anticipation. As soon as it was broadcasted, it sparked national attention and became a hit.

This Thursday at 17:00, the goddess Miriam Yeung will attend the program with her friends. As a special sponsor and partner of the program, GTChair ergonomic chairs will also appear in the second show of the season, opening the summer trip around the island with Miriam Yeung and her sisters.

#01 Newly Improved Version

- Searching For the Moving “Her Power” Again

Bestie Day is the first reality show which records the 24-hour life of celebrities and their sisters. Since it kicked off in 2020, the female friendship and strength shown by the female celebrities and their sisters in the program have aroused widespread concern and resonance. The program has often made itself a trending topic and keeps causing hot discussions on major social media platforms.

The first show of Bestie Day Season 3 showed that the High Summer version made a comprehensive upgrade in the content and scenes based on the former two seasons. The “Sunshine House” where the guests lived was moved from a mountain village to the scenic shores of Taihu Lake. The sisters could not only camp outdoors there but drive around the island and go to the beautiful island shoreline...

In the first show of the program, popular actress Zhang Yuqi and her sisters feel the healing power of nature while living on the original island. They also revealed their delicate and passionate feelings and genuine emotions.

In this Thursday’s show, GTChair ergonomic chairs will also join the goddess Miriam Yeung and her sisters to spend a wonderful 24 hours, opening up the summer journey's endless possibilities.

#02 Attentive Company

- Relaxation of Both Mind and Body -

As a reality show focusing on females’ emotional communication, Bestie Day creates a good communication environment and conditions for all guests through elaborate content planning. The cozy outdoor camping, the pleasant boat ride on the lake, and the delightful chatting of sisters all allow every sister to express their true self in a highly relaxed mood.

GTChair has focused on ergonomic chairs for thirty years and is committed to creating an ergonomic chair that integrates scientific design, quality materials and excellent performance. It aims to provide a wonderful sitting experience and a healthy sedentary life for sedentary people worldwide and bring them physical relaxation and comfort.

The cooperation between the programme named “Bestie Day” and the ergonomic chair of GTChair brought both physical and mental relaxation to the female celebrities and their besties that attend the High Summer Version. Especially after the tour around the bank, GTChair can release their tiredness when they back to the “sunshine house”, and have a peaceful time.

#03 Five senses with no pressure

- the first choice for sedentary people

The representative product of GTChair – ROC-Chair, designed by an international designer, has an appearance of oriental magnificence with the integration of the features of supercar and rocket.

Adhere to the aim of sedentariness with no pressure; GTChair becomes the best choice for sedentary people for its ergonomic design and the accelerated senses of seeing, hearing, smelling, touching, and feeling.



The outstanding appearance and sensory functions have attracted Miriam Yeung to the programme “Bestie Day”.

ROC-Chair takes the techniques of GTChair, using the unique design of 5D paddle control arms. In addition, GTChair changes the traditional ergonomic chairs’ buttons for seat height adjustment and backrest tilt angle adjustment to the armrest, which is 8 times faster than the traditional ones.

With the help of upholstery lumbar support and an automatic sitting posture adjustment system, GTChair has not only provided Miriam Yeung and her besties a satisfied sitting experience, thus creating a comfortable environment for an evening talk, but also automatically adjusted according to the different shapes of their bodies and their postures so that to provide them a most comfortable sitting style of their own.


Come and tour around the bank this High Summer. This Thursday, the third season of Jiangsu TV's “Bestie Day” will be updated soon. GTChair will also provide a 42% discount flash sale on the day of the second episode. “Ergonomic chairs of programme version” can be bought in GTChair Tmall.

At 17:00 on August 25, watching the party of Miriam Yeung and her best friends with GTChair, and get the same chair as theirs in GTChair Tmall.

Event Details

GTChair Tmall

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Flash Sale with a 42% Discount


17:00:00-23:59:59 August 25th

If you are sedentary, don’t miss it!