GTChair×Continental|The 2023 new Gaming Chair launch has successfully concluded!

Long periods of sitting have become a habit for hundreds of millions of people in recent years. A growing number of sedentary people are choosing seating furniture that offers both visual and bodily comfort as a result of people’s knowledge of the harms caused by sedentariness and their quest of a higher quality of life. As a leading high-end ergonomic chair brand in the industry, GTChair has consistently kept to independent original design and a strict manufacturing philosophy, striving for excellence in producing healthy and comfortable seated experiences that go beyond mere comfort.

Win Tan, the founder and principal designer of GTChair, introduced the new Roc-Pro at the magnificent GTChair New Gaming Ergonomic Chair Launch Ceremony and Global Forum on March 4th, 2023, ushering in a new era for the ergonomic chair business.

 Zhaoming Xu, the founder of the Office Union,

 Wuxiang Ou, the Executive President and Secretary-General of Guangzhou Design Industry Association, 

Kim Niklasson Michel, the Global Design Director of Jacob Jensen,  Long Zhao, the ContiTech’s APAC Head of Surface Technology Solutions LifeTech Business Unit, and Jie Qiu, the APAC China Region Interior Design Business Manager were among the guests who attended the ceremony. Representatives from GTChair's suppliers, including Dongji Cui from WINTEX and Zhentian Zheng, the General Manager of the Guangzhou Branch of Samhongsa Precision Machinery Co., Ltd., were also present to witness this important moment.

Powerful brand alliance is leading the innovation and transformation of the ergonomic chair industry

GTChair, an upscale manufacturer of ergonomic chairs, and the Continental Group ContiTech, a leading provider of surface technology solutions, co-hosted the event to introduce the new gaming ergonomic chair. The powerful partnership between the two businesses gave rise to the new gaming chair, Roc-Pro.

Since its founding in 1992, GTChair has distinguished itself in the “ferocious” domestic ergonomic chair industry. It has not only achieved industry-leading initiatives such as intelligent manufacturing, modern production management, and independent R&D, but also advanced its original R&D capabilities based on its core brand value of “Serve for Sedentary People Worldwide”. Additionally, thanks to the consistently growing "inner strength" of its products, it has ergonomic chairs in 80 different nations, thus occupying a position in the global market.

At the new product launch event, GTChair’s Chief Operating Officer,  Carl Li, stated that as a domestic ergonomic chair brand with 31 years of technically producing experience, GTChair insists on the high quality and outstanding design of ergonomic chairs, continuously achieving breakthroughs in both the quality and appearance of ergonomic chairs. It has successively developed the core mechanism with 15 adjustable gears within a 33-degree tilt angle, the world’s first 5D paddle control system that is faster than electric control, the patented waist support that adapts to the user’s movements, and the suspension seat that subverts traditional style of ergonomic chairs... 

Ergonomic chairs are more user-friendly thanks to a number of cutting-edge functions that fully adhere to ergonomic design, offering the most comfortable seating experience for sedentary people worldwide.

 Jie Qiu from the Continental Group ContiTech said during the launch event that the partnership with GTChair was the organization’s first cooperation with the ergonomic chair sector. The two parties’ tight collaboration will surely hasten material innovation and sustainable change in the ergonomic chair industry.

Tan Ganrong, the founder of GTChair, and Zhao Long, the Continental Group ContiTech’s APAC Head of Surface Technology Solutions LifeTech Business Unit, then signed a strategic partnership agreement on stage as brand representatives for each party. The Continental officially become one of the GTChair's high-quality suppliers, and the two sides will work together to lead the material application innovation in the industry.

New products unveiled, introducing the first chair with no pressure on people’s five senses

Win Tan, the founder and chief designer of GTChair, took the stage at the new product launch event to officially announce the Roc-Pro series, the company’s flagship ergonomic chair for the year 2023. Win said that the Roc-Pro series was created with the goal of producing "no pressure" chairs. The entire process, from research and development through materials, workmanship, and manufacture, is focused on giving a completely new ergonomic experience to sedentary people. This includes advancements in the five senses of sight, touch, sound, experience, and smell.

The Roc-Pro series draws inspiration from supercars and rockets in its design, distinguishing itself from conventional ergonomic chairs with a natural, imposing appearance that satisfies the aesthetic requirements of modern people who sit for extended periods of time. The creative combination of the colors black, red, and silver offers a personalized chair for the enormous number of sedentary people and injects vitality into an otherwise monotonous and inactive life of them.

The Roc-Pro series, which is a upgraded version of the Roc series, builds on the exceptional quality of its forerunner by ingeniously utilizing the same leather material used in high-end chairs provided by the Continental Group ContiTech. Its functions that make it simple to clean, self-breathing, and active cooling handle problems brought by standard leather chairs, like sweating, leaving stains, and feeling cold in winter and hot in summer, thus making it easier for sedentary people to address the above issues.

The Roc-Pro series also has GTChair’s "Five Matches Design," which is a first for the world. The chair back is designed into five sections that perfectly match the curves of the human body, relieving pressure on the back and giving the shoulders, neck, and back the right support and relaxation. The double-spring horizontal wire controlled chassis, coupled with GTChair’s original 5D paddle shift wire control armrest provides a 100% operative fit, operating at eight times the speed of traditional ergonomic chairs. This meets the needs of sedentary consumers in different scenarios with convenient operation.

Specialists coming together to talk about how to jointly improve "quality" and "design" of the ergonomic chairs

When residents’ income increases quickly and their standard of living considerably improves, so do their requirements and tastes for office settings. From a simple functional necessity to a complicated requirement that prioritizes both visual appeal and functionality, the demand for office furniture has changed. How to improve the creative “aesthetics” has become a hot topic in the industry as “Made in China” is transformed and upgraded to “Smart Manufacturing in China” in the office industry and even the manufacturing business.

GTChair and experts from many industries, including the office sector and design, engaged in discussion and debate on the subject of “Quality and Design of Chinese Smart Manufacturing” during the forum session of the product launch event. Each of the experts expressed their observations and thoughts from their professional perspectives.

The Office Union founder and the veteran in office industry Zhaoming Xu claimed that after a “struggling development history,” the office industry will eventually usher in a broad expansion prospect;  Wuxiang Ou, Executive President and Secretary-General of the Guangzhou Design Industry Association, emphasized the value of viewing the growth of China's office industry from a forward-looking perspective, continuing to produce goods with integrity, and making an effort to produce truly excellent goods.

The Nordic designer Kim began by the region’s industrial design principles, introducing the idea of value-driven design. He asserted that the worth of design is found in the values it produces; GTChair supplier representative Jie Qiu from the Continental Group ContiTech mentioned that design aesthetics and sustainability are key words for future development. Win Tan, the founder of GTChair, shared his over thirty years of chair manufacturing experience while highlighting the significance of original design, quality-oriented development, and innovation in advancing the sector.

Adhering to the demand-oriented approach, the Star Product Experiencers program is officially launched

In addition to having a keen insight into the sitting habits of different groups, GTChair, a leading brand in the industry with ergonomic chairs sold in 80 countries globally, also digs further into various circles composed of other sedentary people. They have introduced brand initiatives like the “Health Plan for Sedentary People” and “Champion Chair”, as well as heard from we-media practitioners, e-sports competitors and other groups of people who have sedentary habits from all over the world.

In 2023 GTChair continued to launch the "Star Product Experiencers" program for the “designer”, a group of people who have sedentary habits, as a continuation of the “Health Plan for Sedentary People”. The brand has invited 100 designers from across the internet to be Star Product Experiencers and participate in real evaluations of the GTChair Dvary ergonomic chair. We can better grasp the actual usage requirements and aesthetic pursuits of the designer community and further optimize the chairs with a user-centered approach by collecting long-term usage input from the 100 designers. Ergonomic chairs that satisfy the needs of the consumers and the times will thus result from this.

The 2023 GTChair new product launch and global forum event has come to a successful conclusion. GTChair has always stayed true to its brand purpose of “making sedentary people healthier and more pleasant” and providing a positive healthy sitting experience as a leading brand in the high-end ergonomic chair market. With its cutting-edge and innovative technological strength and product quality, GTChair will continue to create value for users and enable every sedentary person to enjoy the future.