Grand opening! Together, GTChair and Guangzhou Design Week invite you to have fun.



March 3, 2023

The 2022 Guangzhou Design Week

With the theme "Passion" officially opened

Lasting for four days

(March 3-March 6)

Guangzhou Design Week, the largest gathering of the Asian design community, draws a large number of domestic and foreign designers and companies each year to learn about the most recent developments in the sector.

In addition to inheriting Chinese ethnic workmanship, GTChair, a domestic high-end ergonomic chair brand with over 30 years of focus on ergonomic chairs, has also kept up with global technology. Its products are offered in 80 countries globally.

With the full passion and sincerity, GTChair offers its chair to every sedentary person in the world. In the exhibition, we will be located at 15.B08 in Guangzhou International Sourcing Center, asking every designer who sits for more than 1 hour to join us to share our passion and make progress.

The first day of the exhibition

We were on the spotlight

GTChair, an ergonomic chair brand founded on original designs, upholds a strict manufacturing philosophy in all facets of its designs. GTChair’s ergonomic chairs are distinctive and stylish because each one is expertly constructed with an artistic eye. This has created a highly anticipated debut on the first day of the exhibition.

With its sleek red and blue color scheme, GTChair’s stand attracted attention at the very first day of the exhibition, causing many visitors to stop and watch. GTChair has put up three ergonomic chair experience zones at the exhibition: the Home Area, the E-sports Area, and the Office Area, with the intention of offering a healthy sitting experience to more people. These areas provide for the long-sitting requirements of various age groups and professions.

PART 1      The Home Area

With a smart fusion of artistic design inspired by butterflies that emits a futuristic and dynamic style, the Dvary series has been a consumer favorite in the Home Area since its release. This series satisfies the desire of the new consumer groups for modern living spaces.

Beyond the quality of the product, GTChair aims to transmit to customers its humanistic care through its craftsmanship and pursuit of product customisation and aesthetics.



The E-sports Area

In the E-sports Area, the Vida series has emerged as the most cutting-edge product for young people. The “Champion Chair” project, which GTChair started last year, has been closely associated with both national and worldwide e-sports champions.

The “GTChair Champion Chair” has a prominent presence in the E-sports community, with its attractive and dynamic design, unrivaled comfort, and powerful and superior functions, capturing the love of a huge number of young people who love e-sports.



The Office Area

In the office area, more sedentary people with different professions and needs have found their favorite chairs.

Among them, the first version of the Marrit series from GTChair has undergone numerous improvements and iterations to become a durable office essential.

The independently created free support system by GTChair designers is featured in the I-SEE series. For people who feel weariness from prolonged sitting, this technology, which consists of many independent support structures in various locations, offers a more intelligent backrest experience.


In addition, ifit series, Neoseat series, Roc series and Vida series were also exhibited.

Visitors from a variety of backgrounds, including industry designers, exhibitors, and interested consumers, tried out the chairs in the experience areas, particularly those who must sit for extended amounts of time in the office or at home while working.

Also, they talked with the GTChair crew about their own requirements for prolonged sitting in daily life, including the comfort of the seat material, the ease of one-button control, the primary function of synchronous glide system and the self-adaptive patent of lumbar support, etc. At the exhibition hall, there were an overwhelming number of people trying out and consulting. GTChair’s goal on this exhibition was to deliver cozy ergonomic chairs to customers who have sedentary habits but always pursuit for their passions.

New Product Launch Event and Global Forum

From 2019, GTChair has participated in Guangzhou Design Week for three consecutive years with its original products, and this year is no exception.

On the morning of March 4 at the Design Week, GTChair will introduce its new 2023 flagship product, the Roc-Pro series, in the Luxury Residential Forum area on the first floor of the Guangzhou International Sourcing Center.

Roc-Pro series

The new product releases

Based on its prior self-designed products, GTChair’s new flagship line, the Roc-Pro series, was developed in partnership with ContiTech, the global leading material solution expert. It strives to provide consumers with a genuine ergonomic chair that, by using the best chair textiles, achieves zero pressure and zero discomfort while being used.

The introduction of the Roc-Pro series not only marks a breakthrough in design and craftsmanship but also paves the way for new directions in the creation of sitting materials for ergonomic chairs. It has sparked discussions within the sector on the development of ergonomic materials.

Industry Elites Gather Here

The Global Forum

During Guangzhou Design Week, GTChair will host a launch event where prominent business and industry elites will debate the “Quality and Design of Chinese Smart Manufacturing” in the the Luxury Residential Forum area on the first floor of the Guangzhou International Sourcing Center. The debate will center on the ground-breaking technological developments in the Chinese ergonomic chair market from a global viewpoint and will encourage Chinese ergonomic chair brands to advance aggressively in the global market.

Thanks to its strong in-house R&D capabilities and brand creativity, GTChair has won the Product Design Award of the Kapok Design Awards China at the Guangzhou Design Week for three consecutive years.

This year, GTChair has introduced its new flagship product Roc-Pro series and hosted the international forum. Then what notable accomplishments will GTChair make, and what innovative trends will it pioneer? Follow along and attend this monumental event with GTChair!

2023/3/4 10:00AM

First floor, the Luxury Residential Forum Area, Guangzhou International Sourcing Center

Looking forward to your attendance!