GTChair@You who have a sedentary habit! You have an invitation from CIFF (Guangzhou) to check out~

Waiting for You

An invitation from GTChair

Over the last three years, we have

witnessed the resilience of life

and carried on the legacy of civilization

We are amazed by the boundless world

cherish each and every ray of sunlight

value every chance of encounter


[The Universe is Boundless] Theme Exhibition


Pazhou, Guangzhou·Canton Fair Complex


The Universe is Boundless

We encourage you to move forward confidently

and explore the vast opportunities ahead of us


[Simplified Technology Creates the Interstellar Illusion] 

This is an exhibition from the future and outer space

We are not the creator

but the presenter of the exhibition

Moon, interstellar and green plants

The exhibition hall of the minimalist technology style

concertizes GTChair’s attitude


Trendy but not complicated

Dynamic but not dazzling

Intelligent but not indifferent

This is exactly the technological life in the future


[The Universe is Boundless]

The universe is endless

 In the previous 31 years

GTChair’s development route has never been constrained


We explore from traditional fabrics

to those of the Continental Group skai® Tundra series

We innovate from manual adjustment

to A’PAS intelligent posture adaptation system

Our scope of business extends from office industry

to entertaining industry and work-at-home industry

Our products are sold in China, then in Asia

and even in 80 countries around the world


Break traditional boundaries

Revolutionize the chair industry with technology

BAS intelligent support system, synchronous glide system...

Over 10 self-developed patents 

measure every step of our progress

and seek a healthy future lifestyle for those sedentary people

GTChair never stops moving forward


[The Universe is Boundless]

How to define an excellent chair?

According to GTChair,

in terms of design and quality

it can not only offer comfort and a health

but also mental relaxation


With the creative design exerting zero pressure on five senses

we will ease your physical burden

You will then feel as though you are roaming in the clouds

Together with GTChair

Begin a stress-free journey

“If you are the one who sit for over 1 hour,

GTChair is your perfect choice”


Pazhou, Guangzhou·Canton Fair Complex



[The Universe is Boundless] Theme Exhibition

We’ll see you in Guangzhou