Celebrating Half a Decade at Guangzhou Design Week: GTChair Redefining Healthy Sitting with Uncompromising Quality

From “New Beginnings” to “Joy”, from “Youth” to “Passion”, GTChair by and Guangzhou Design Week have journeyed together, evolving every step of the way.

On December 8th, 2023, as scheduled, Guangzhou Design Week arrived, and GTChair made its “surprising” appearance for the fifth consecutive year. With the theme “Friends! Take a Seat”, it serves as the guardian of every visitor's inspirational journey, presenting a new solution for a healthy sitting experience.

Embarking on a Journey of Originality

Leading the Way in Elevating Domestic Design Excellence

Starting with the very first ergonomic chair, GTChair has set its sights on providing a healthy and comfortable sitting experience for those who spend extended hours seated. It has steadfastly adhered to a 100% independently original approach in all aspects, including aesthetics, structure, and functionality. In 2017, GTChair achieved a significant milestone by independently researching and developing the world's first fully integrated CNC assembly and testing ergonomic chair production line. This groundbreaking achievement marked the first step towards digitizing production in the domestic ergonomic chair industry.

Simultaneously, GTChair adheres to the philosophy of “Quality over Quantity” in research and development. With the aim of ensuring the ultimate user experience, and with a mindset of crafting art, it diligently refines its products. Year after year, it introduces new products to maintain a rhythm of innovation. The brand has successfully crafted over ten series of designs, including the Marrit series, Dvary series, Vida series, Neoseat series, and more. This unwavering commitment to constant improvement and continuous innovation showcases the brand's formidable research and development capabilities and its dedication to innovation in the field of ergonomic chair design, truly embodying the essence of a Chinese ergonomic chair brand.

Unveiling Surprises with New Products

Showcasing the Innovative Charm of Ergonomic Chairs

In 2023, GTChair underwent a refreshing brand upgrade, introducing a more distinctive and impactful brand identity into its showroom design. This transformation aimed to create a visual space that resonates with young consumers and designers alike. The striking fusion of black and red colors imbues the space with a cooler and more captivating ambiance.

Among these, the Marrit Pro Series takes center stage as GTChair's 2023 iterative upgrade. Building upon the brand's strong technological foundation, this series embarks on a journey of revolutionary innovation. Starting from the pain points of individuals who spend extended hours seated, it introduces the “Agile Island” lumbar cushion, which Sautomatically adjusts to provide optimal lumbar support, and a 15-level precision-adjustable lazy neck pillow. These enhancements aim to effectively address the discomfort associated with prolonged sitting, offering an unparalleled sitting experience in terms of comfort.

In addition to its powerful functionality, the Marrit Pro Series embodies the principles of minimalism in its exterior design. Every detail exudes a sense of minimalist beauty, seamlessly blending the aesthetics of art and technology. It conveys the philosophy of “simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”, not only providing support for those who sit for extended periods but also healing the essence of life.

Fun Interactive Games

Continual Surprises Spark Excitement

Different from past exhibitions, this year, the GTChair showroom embraced the theme “Friends! Take a Seat”, transforming it into the “2023 Guangzhou Design Week Rest Area”. To enhance the visiting experience for every guest, GTChair designed a variety of engaging interactive games and offered special discounts and benefits. These activities attracted several visitors on the very first day of the event.

During Guangzhou Design Week, the GTChair showroom initiated a designer “Skills Assessment”, inviting every visitor to take a selfie and get creative with it. The participant with the highest votes would receive a complimentary Marrit Pro chair.

In addition to this, the showroom offers exclusive benefits for Guangzhou Design Week attendees. Designers can enjoy outstanding discounts through activities such as photo stamping, on-site lucky draws, and group purchases. Furthermore, an array of delightful gifts, including aromatherapy products, order-made gift bags, eye masks, and mouse pads, are also available.

From December 8th to 11th, at Booth 15A17 in the Guangzhou International Sourcing Center, GTChair continues to offer exclusive benefits. We cordially invite every designer friend to come and take a seat, unlocking the special privileges!