Leading Industry Innovation, GTChair Honored with the “Major Contribution Enterprise” Award!

On December 23rd, the Guangzhou Furniture Association celebrated its 30th Anniversary with a grand gala at the Shangri-La Hotel in Guangzhou, themed “Yong·Fanghua (Eulogizing the Splendor of Youth)”. The event paid tribute to the China Furniture Association, the China Foreign Trade Guangzhou Exhibition Co., Ltd., the member companies, exhibitors, and others. Awards such as “Outstanding Contribution Enterprise”, “Major Contribution Enterprise”, and “Exceptional Contribution Enterprise” were presented during the ceremony. The gala recognized and thanked various award-winning companies for their significant contributions to the furniture industry over the past 30 years. Chongqing Gaotian Industrial and Trade Co., Ltd. was proudly recognized with the “Major Contribution Enterprise” award!


Rooted in Originality and Innovation

Driving Brand Ascension through Creativity

At the dawn of the ergonomic chair industry in China, faced with challenges like an absence of foundational scientific research and a lack of scientific breakthroughs in seat support principles, the founder of GTChair resolutely led his team in pioneering independent and original design and development. Engaging in comprehensive considerations and experiments, they delved into aspects such as product appearance, structure, functionality, and stress analysis. After extensive refinement of their design approach, they surmounted these obstacles within 26 months, successfully creating GTChair’s first ergonomic chair.

GTChair’s First Ergonomic Chair - the Marrit Series

After years of dedicated technological development and refining their expertise, GTChair has risen to the top of the industry, securing numerous national patents for inventions, utility models, and design innovations. They have consistently pushed the boundaries of ergonomic chair design from the inside out. GTChair has skillfully blended ergonomic functionality, comfort, and aesthetics in its designs. GTChair’s innovative features include a core mechanism adjustable to 33° tilt with 15 distinct settings, the world’s first 5D paddle control system outperforming electronic controls, the patented lumbar support that adapts to the user’s movements, and a groundbreaking, suspended seat design that redefines traditional ergonomic chairs. These truly ergonomic innovations enhance user-friendliness and continuously improve the overall user experience.

GTChair’s Intelligent Manufacturing, Striving for Perfection

Demonstrating Pioneering Strength in Industry Innovation

As a leading brand in the industry, GTChair harnesses innovation and technology as the driving force for high-quality growth. The company has been at the forefront of embracing reforms in smart manufacturing and digital transformation. After over two years of research and testing by its design team and automotive production line experts, GTChair launched an intelligent production line in 2017. They independently developed and introduced the world’s first CNC-integrated ergonomic chair production line for assembly and testing. By adopting the concepts and processes used in car manufacturing to produce ergonomic chairs, GTChair has achieved a significant upgrade in the production of ergonomic chairs towards more intelligent and technologically advanced systems.

Through technological innovation and equipment modernization, GTChair has comprehensively optimized its production structure to ensure the stability of product quality. The company is dedicated to providing users with high-end, comfortable ergonomic chair products. Embodying meticulous professionalism and a commitment to continuous improvement, GTChair drives the industry towards upscale, intelligent, and personalized development, constantly meeting the needs and demands of users and the market.

Aerial View of the New GTChair Intelligent Manufacturing Center

Global Bestseller in 80 Countries Worldwide

Conveying China’s Voice Through Quality

As a leading force in the domestic ergonomic chair market, GTChair has made an impressive impact internationally. Leveraging intelligent manufacturing and innovative craftsmanship, the company’s sales network extends from China to over 80 countries across Asia, Europe, the Americas, and Africa. Collaborating with numerous Fortune 500 companies and significant global projects, GTChair has provided over two million users worldwide with its high-quality products and services. The company has earned several international accolades, including the “2022 European Good Design Award” and the honor of being the Designated Chair for the “High-Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development”. GTChair is paving the way for Chinese ergonomic chair brands on the global stage, demonstrating the competitive prowess of Chinese brands worldwide.

The “Major Contribution Enterprise” award is not just an acknowledgment of GTChair’s contributions but also a significant endorsement of its accomplishments in the office furniture and ergonomic chair industries. This honor represents a milestone in GTChair’s more than thirty years of dedication to innovative development, fully showcasing the brand’s strength. Moving forward, GTChair will persist in its commitment to innovation and creativity, striving to provide a healthy and comfortable sitting experience for those who spend extended hours seated.